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Step into the world of Rainbow, where a vibrant celebration of love, and sweet fruit indulgence intertwine. 


Ignite Rainbow and it will transport you into the delightful embrace of a carefree summer. Immerse yourself in sun-kissed days filled with magic moments, as juicy notes of fresh watermelon and sweet popsicles dance in the air. 


Let the vibrant energy and sweet scent of Rainbow fill your space, inspiring you to embrace love and diversity, and appreciate and celebrate life.



  • Care Instructions

    On first light, leave your candle lit until the wax melts to meet the edge of the jar all the way around. This will set the memory of the candle wax, and prevent tunneling.

    Trim candle wick to 1/4" before each lighting. This will keep the flame flickering just right, and prevent smoke or soot.

  • Candle Info

    • hand poured with essential oils & non toxic, phthalate-free clean fragrance blends.
    • biodegradable, sustainable, & clean burning US grown soy wax.
    • natural cotton wicks.
    • eco friendly and long-lasting.


    burn times


    • medium candle  40 - 50 hours
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